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Sound Cast and Out Cast

Sound Cast and Out Cast
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Sound Cast

Sound Cast LLC is a privately funded enterprise that creates wi-fi audio technology for the purchaser & industrial markets. the enterprise is established in San Diego, California.

Sound Cast  and Out Cast

soundcast is a producer of wi-fi audio transmission systems that conquer 2.4ghz band interference, and allow digital music to be listened to in stereo at some stage in the home or constructing thru its proprietary wireless era, bluetooth®, dts play-fi® and can be paired with alexa®.

Out Cast

The outcast is sound cast systems flagship product and possibly the maximum well known of all their merchandise. it is a climate-resistant wi-fi speaker that lets you revel in rich multi-directional stereo sound throughout the residence, the backyard, the patio and even on a ship/RV. with broadcast range of up to 300 feet, this effective wireless speaker gets transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of jogging wires.

Sound Cast  and Out Cast

Out Cast Jr

outcast jr. is a particularly portable wi-fi speaker machine that functions more than one drivers, 3-amplifiers, a down-firing integrated subwoofer, volume/music control with soundcast’s elective uat and icast transmitters – pick it up, move it and pay attention to track everywhere! it’s climate-resistant, plays on covered rechargeable batteries up to 20 hours.

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