Mexico’s Puebla governor Martha Erika Alonso dies in helicopter crash

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The governor of mexico’s vital Puebla country, Martha Erika alonso, has died in a helicopter crash, simply days after being sworn into office.

her husband, senator rafael moreno valle, and two pilots had been also killed. reports say there was a third passenger on board, who also died.

monday’s accident took place rapidly after the aircraft took off from the kingdom capital of puebla.

ms alonso have become puebla’s first girl governor after hotly contested polls.

the 45-year-vintage was a member of the centre-right pan party.

the deaths of the governor and her husband were confirmed through mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Labrador.

Mexican officials later stated they believed the helicopter went down after suffering an unspecified failure close to Puebla, mexico’s second largest city.

ms alonso had taken office on 14 december, narrowly beating in july’s elections manuel barbosa, president lópez obrador’s favoured candidate for the governorship of one in every of mexico’s maximum populous states.

president lópez obrador’s morena birthday celebration had alleged great irregularities and fraud within the ballot , and the very last results needed to be tested by using an electoral tribunal.

mr barbosa stated the deaths of ms alonso and mr moreno valle turned into a “tragedy that nobody desires to every body”.

“i’m shocked and in mourning. my sympathies to their loved ones. this is not the time to make any speculation,” mr barbosa added.

mr moreno valle additionally served as puebla’s governor among 2011 and 2017.

puebla’s parliament will now ought to appoint an intervening time governor till new elections are held.

monday’s accident comes after some of excessive-profile deaths in helicopter crashes over time in mexico, along with interior minister francisco blake mora in 2011, the bbc’s will furnish reports.

earlier this year, 13 people died whilst a minister’s helicopter crashed into a crowd, even though the minister himself survived, our correspondent says.

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