Little Mix, BTS and The 1975 are taking over Radio 1 on Christmas Day

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Little mix, bts, the 1975, charlie xcx and Harvey will be taking up the airwaves for an hour every on Christmas day for the superstar playlist. count on little blend playing Christmas classics on kazoos, the 1975 ranking their preferred Christmas goodies, bts trying mince pies for the primary time and plenty extra.

if that wasn’t enough, radio 1’s film professional ali plumb has additionally rounded up a hollywood all-star line-up consisting of emma stone, benedict cumberbatch, hailee steinfeld and john cena to present us the low-down on their favourite christmas classics.

for the total indicates, track in to radio 1 on christmas day from 10am. however to tide you over till then, here’s just a little taster of what you’ll listen… Radio 1 on Christmas Day

Little Mix’s festive family squabbles

Little Mix, BTS and The 1975 are taking over Radio 1 on Christmas Day

you would possibly suppose the movie star global is one among pristine perfection, but with regards to the festive duration it is truely much like our very own. and that consists of a fair proportion of circle of relatives drama as well – frequently arguments because of board video games. little mix’s perrie even tells us approximately the time that an innocent recreation of articulate prompted a rift among her and footballer boyfriend, alex oxlade-chamberlain.

“my courting with alex nearly came to an cease due to this game,” she says. “it became competitive, it got out of hand. i swear to god i notion he was going to sell off me – and i concept i was going to dump him. if you think i’m aggressive, you ought to meet him.” possibly we need to have picked a unique board sport for them to play in the course of their radio 1 takeover then, with perrie crossing her arms: “allow’s wish this game would not cease the band.” we simply desire so too.

BTS’ lesson in a very British Christmas

Little Mix, BTS and The 1975 are taking over Radio 1 on Christmas Day

Charli XCX’s amazing 12 Days of Charli XCXmas

Little Mix, BTS and The 1975 are taking over Radio 1 on Christmas Day

charli xcx says she generally spends christmas putting out with circle of relatives, consuming until she receives a “meals child” and “doing loads of embarrassing stuff and having to deal with that on boxing day.” her ideal christmas, though, sounds out of this global.
in a phase brilliantly referred to as ’12 days of charli xcxmas’, charli outlines what the vacations would be like if she become on top of things of the itinerary. all and sundry would don 90s-themed fancy dress, there could be fried bird in place of turkey, stockings packed with champagne and there’d be an all-day rave providing dance remixes of festive songs. remember us in!

The 1975’s alternative Christmas playlist

Christmas classics are nicely performed for a cause, and who cannot withstand stepping into the spirit of factors as quickly as they listen ultimate Christmas? every now and then though, it’s accurate to feature a bit of variety for your excursion soundtrack. the 1975 are lovers of some less-played festive gems, which include spice women’ 2 become 1 (which they cowl on kazoo) and s club 7’s never had a dream come real – their all-time Christmas favorite.

additionally they have a smooth spot for yazoo’s most effective you, way to ricky gervais. matty explains: “i don’t recognise if it’s a christmas conventional (but for me it is), in case you’ve ever seen the workplace… when you get to the cease, and you get the kiss you’ve been looking ahead to [between Tim & Dawn], that is the music that’s playing at the christmas birthday celebration; i suppose it’s the nice use of tune in tv records.”

the 1975’s favored christmas chocolate: we tasked matty and co with the task of rating the fine christmas choccies without bringing up any emblem names particularly. it’s much tougher than you’d assume, but we pretty much discover that matty likes “orange-flavoured chocolate segments”, at the same time as ross’ favourite is a field of “jollifications”. mint-flavoured “publish eight o’clocks”, but, had been a little much less loved.

HRVY’s favourite Christmas telly

bird it involves the large day, hrvy’s is generally spent stuffing his face (literally – his favored a part of the whole christmas dinner is stuffing) and watching his favourite christmas film, domestic by myself. “it simply reminds me of christmas, i watch it each 12 months,” he tells us.

one tv staple that doesn’t seem to have been on the hrvy own family small screen television over the christmas duration, although, is gavin & stacey. in a sport of wager-the-christmas-subject-music, hrvy did not guess the conventional sitcom, although he did understand the unmistakable voice of 1 james corden. whoever has hrvy for mystery santa this yr, make sure you get him a gavin & stacey field set!

hrvy’s spotlight of 2018: one standout second for hrvy this year changed into radio 1’s very personal teenager awards back in october. “they had been so loud,” he says. “growing up through the level and seeing the gang changed into quite remarkable. i loved being there. hopefully i’m able to do it again.”

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